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Coping Skills

Practicing coping skills to help with any emotion helps to bring you back to a clear mind. A clear mind helps you make decisions and hold conversations when you are in the best state of mind. Often times, unhealthy coping mechanisms to stressors lead to deterioration of health, regretful decisions and trouble. These are healthy coping skills that can be used before or during stressful situations.


  • Using your Senses

  • Breathing Exercise

  • Focusing on the Positives

Self Care

  • Showering

  • Nails

  • Massage

Physical Activities

  • Exercise

  • Talking a Walk

  • Yoga

  • Sports


  • Talking it out

  • Writing it out

  • Screaming into a pillow or empty room


  • Picturing the best scenerio

  • Acting out conversations

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